Some Simple Self-Help Resources

As people leave my training, excited by the results, I sometimes think they focus excessively on the powerful tune-up they have received to the detriment of the "long life tool" they have just "purchased".
Though the
unconscious can do amazing things in an instant, you do need to support it on a daily basis, by using these powerful tools again and again to "move further into Life".

Talking to Joanna, she told me that she was feeling stress again. When I asked if she uses the system (she had trained with me 6 weeks earlier), she said that she did not have time !!(less than 3 minutes a day - she could even do it on the train or bus to work by simply using her imagination!)

A wise person once said:
"if you keep doing the same things the same way you can only expect the same results!"

EFT: an amazing Energy Psychology technique

Qi Gong You can actually feel your energy after doing this exercise: Very peaceful!

A "Cosmic" Meditation.

Two Simple Self Mastery  Techniques

Release with the Ahhh sound

Relax: Listen to the Music as you watch a hypnodisk

Relax:Vibrate to the OM sound as you drift with a colour disk

Information on Relaxing, EFT, NLP, BSFF, Trance...

EFT - a Powerpoint presentation

A Short version of EFT (with audio) Feel FREE to download it.

BSFF a PowerPoint Presentation

Books/Manuals For:
Gentle Touch
Choices ...

Build your Library:
Personal development, Business Strategy, Skills & Learning, Mind & Body, Spiritual Growth

Is Training Really Necessary?
Yes, As the purpose of the unconscious is to protect us, we may have developed a protection behaviour which may only be truly challenged by an outsider
Moving into Light Training Courses
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