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BSFF Manual

Larry Nims BSFF

Dr Nims, developed BSFF because he believed existing therapies were inadequate. They either did not work, or took too long (leaving people in distress)

The Gentle Touch Manual

Gentle Touch

The Gentle Touch has been relieving pain for well over a hundred years now & can be learned, practiced, and shared by anyone.

Evolging Thought Field Therapy: The Clinician's Handbook of Diagnosis, Treatment, Theory

 John H Diepold et al

Patricia Carrington

The Choices method makes EFT an even more powerful tool than it was before. 

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Tapas Fleming: TAT

You Can Heal Now: Tapas Acupressure Techniques

Thousands have overcome fear and anxiety and experience self-confidence, emotional well-being, happiness and personal effectiveness beyond anything they ever thought possible
Step-by-step training
You can
help your loved ones, family, friends and clients with this powerful new technique!


Paul Cutright is responsible for the quality training of many EFT practitioners.
I am pleased to endorse his online training program."

Gary Craig, developer of EFT

The Energy Odyssey:
New Directions In Energy Psychology 2nd Revised Edition
Includes contributions by:
Alan Handelsman, Larry Stoler, Greg Nicosia, David Feinstein, Marla Bruckner, David Grudemeyer, Sharon Toole, Pat Carrington,  Jim Durlacher, Sandi Radomski and many more.
Required reading for any serious student

Energy Psychology

Silvia Hartman's
"Adventures in EFT"


Silvia Hartman's
"The Advanced Patterns of EFT"
Advanced EFT

(Silvia Hartman)

Oceans of Energy

Chrissie Hardisty
"EFT And Hypnotherapy"

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"Tap" into Superb Teachings by the leaders of Energy Psychology Meridian

Energy Medicine

Donna Eden

Energy Tapping

Fred Gallo

Hand of Light: A guide to healing through the human energy field

Barbara Ann Brennan
Getting thru to your emotions with EFT Philip & Jane Mountrose

Emotional Freedom Techniques for dealing with emotional and physical issues

Flint & Craig
Instant Emotional healing: Acupressure for the emotions Pratt & Lambrau
Mind over Weight: The Miraculous, New Easy way to lose weight Martyn Dawes
Freedom from Fear Forever: the acu-power way to overcoming your fear, phobias & inner problems James V, Dr Durlacher et al
Energy Diagnostic & Treatment Methods Fred Gallo
Tapping the Healer within: using TFT to instantly conquer your fears, anxities and emotional distress Roger Callaghan, Richard Trubo
The Nuerophysics of Human Behavior Mark Evan Furman